Archmospheres was founded with two goals. The first is simply to provide our clients with the images they require - images produced to meet the professional standard of the architectural press. Additionally, however, we work hard to restore the sense of place that is significant to architecture but lacking in most commercial photography. This second goal is achieved through attention to atmosphere. In order to achieve these goals, we offer three ideas for a different way of working: 

  • commissions based on dialogue

  • focus on the unique atmosphere of each location

  • photographic research into each project instead of an out-of-the box solution

We see all of these as an opportunity for architects to extend the reach of their audience, get more from photographers, and communicate thorough compelling images. This is new means of seeing architecture which complements standard architectural photography. We are not out to replace it. 

So what is the atmosphere of architecture in a photograph? Atmosphere is what connects a person to the photograph they are looking at. Atmosphere situates architectural work in photography. Atmospheres are important, inter-subjective, intuitive and real. Most of all, they should be as varied as the world itself, because they are specifically determined by each assignment. The unique atmosphere of each architectural work we shoot is an archmosphere.

We look forward to learning how to create Archmospheres for you.